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Thomas J. Dayton, Sr., Managing Director: Tom brings over 30 years experience to Quality Vending Service.  Following account auditing responsibility with the Manhattan, NY office of Arthur Young & Company, Tom held key accounting and operations positions with the Canteen Corporation at both the territory and corporate levels.  He successfully directed Canteen's entry into Spain and later served as a special liaison between Canteen's domestic operations and it's parent, ITT.  The Coca-Cola bottling Company of Memphis, Tennessee, recruited Tom in 1978, to establish and direct the growth of Serv-O-Matic, a new food and beverage vending service venture.  Under Tom's leadership, Serv-O-Matic grew to become this region's largest, most successful food and beverage vending operation.  He is a founding partner of Quality Vending Service and oversees administration, financial and business planning.  He directs the company's effort to build partnerships in both the business and civic environments based on commitment to service quality, reliability and personal availability.


Thomas J. Dayton, Jr., Director of Sales & Marketing:  Thomas began his professional career in the hospitality industry with operations experience in both the hotel and restaurant segments.  He joined Quality Vending Service during its start-up phase and is now responsible for providing the overall marketing direction.  Specific duties include sales promotion, market analysis, account sales and the formal preparation of all account proposals.  Thomas is also a partner in Quality Vending Service.

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